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DIY Music is an all-in-one direct to consumer digital music e-commerce, distribution and marketing platform for record labels, artists and digital distributors.

DIY Music provides customizable, easy-to-build storefronts and sales tools as well as consulting services to help you grow your business.

DIY Music is the first product platform of DIY Media. DIY Media is a cloud-based digital media technology company focused on providing professional-grade digital media management, e-commerce and marketing solution. We enable content intensive companies with the ability to conduct business cooperatively whenever and wherever they need to, but without having to rely upon others to do so. Our vision is to empower the global entertainment industry with the ability to do it themselves while substantially reducing their operational expenses and while reaching more people.

DIY Media's Executive team has extensive experience in both public and private companies, having launched, operated and sold numerous successful venture-backed companies in the technology, content and consumer products sectors. DIY Media is privately held, and is based in Seattle with offices in Charlotte.

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Open an Account

Review the fees and revenue share model below then fill out the simple sign up form. Read and accept the click-through agreement and start using this amazing platform.

DIY Music Revenue Share Model

75% of retail sales transaction goes to content owner

25% of retail sales transaction goes to DIY Music

Start Uploading

Here is where you enter in all of the data attached to your release. Upload the artwork and audio for the release through an easy to use, intuitive interface. If you work with one of our distribution partners, we can ingest your entire catalog at once allowing you to skip this step.

Assign Pricing and Territorial Rights

Whether you want to sell internationally or just in one country, we provide you the tools to set your desired parameters. Apply different prices for different countries, create windowed pricing for marketing and sales campaigns, use variable pricing at the single track level, or create album only sales bundles in minutes.

Create your Portable and Digital Storefronts

The fun stuff starts here. Choose from a variety of different store options. You can create a single song, album, or full catalog social commerce widget with your branded look and feel to be distributed throughout the web. If you are looking for a more traditional digital download store for your own website, we can make that happen too. The platform provides the ability to create a straightforward iframe site in minutes or a highly customized storefront in a little bit longer.

Deploy Your Stores

Send out these stores via social networks, place them on websites, and start to create the buzz on your music. DIY Music provides a quick deployment tool on our platform that allows you to place these portable stores on your Facebook page or copy and paste html or javascript in any Flash-friendly website. If email is your choice in reaching your fans, you can copy and paste a unique URL that connects the recipient directly to the store. That same URL can also be used on Twitter, as well. The widget allows your fans to view, sample, BUY, and download in the native environment they started in.

Follow Your Sales and Get Paid

View real time sales statistics and request customized analytics that enable you to view geographic data about your purchasers. You can also view data on any interactions that happen within the portable social commerce widgets for example, how many tracks were listened to, did they share the widget, duration of time spent on the widget, the possibilities are quite endless. When sales start to accumulate, simply request payment and get paid via Paypal, direct electronic funds transfer, check, or via Amazon Payments. You’ll receive funds in a timely manner.

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Getting your music out there somewhere on the Internet really isn’t a problem, there’s close to 10 million songs waiting to be downloaded. The trick is reaching your audience and then growing your fan base. DIY Music has the tools to expand your reach. Whether you are an artist, label or distributor, we have everything you need to put your content in front of your existing audience and, in turn, their friends. It’s as simple as this – people with similar interests purchase similar music. With our suite of services, you’ll reach your fans and they’ll reach out to their friends. You’ve now reached an entirely new audience and it keeps growing from there.

Once you get in front of your fans, our widget is ready to spread to likeminded listeners.


Control on how you sell your music, where you sell you music and what you charge for your music. Everything you need to manage your content is at your fingertips. Put out a single song, an album, build a compilation or even a storefront for your entire catalog.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your tracks and art up, your pricing, metadata and territories set and you’re ready to start selling. It couldn’t get any easier! Everything is customizable to fit in with the look and feel of your existing brand. We even let you have multiple, simultaneous logins. DIY Music lets you offer MP3 and WAV options for every track. Best yet, you can adjust pricing and make any change in seconds to meet the needs of the marketplace.


Where to start? So much of what DIY Music brings to the table is unique. The widget has all the functionality you expect and features you don’t see anywhere else. Each widget is a self-contained store where preview and purchase take place. There is no redirect to a landing page – the widget itself is the destination. A few clicks and your Amazon password and the transaction is complete.

And there’s so much more. With the use of global cached server farm, uploading, downloading and checkout are all fast, secure and backed up in multiple places. Ingest one track at a time in a couple of minutes or a catalog of tens of thousands of songs directly into your account over the course of a few days. You can even request a feed directly from your distributor. Everything DIY Music builds works for the artist with just a couple of songs or on the scale of a distributor with millions of songs in its catalog.

Bottom Line

DIY’s focus is helping you sell music and make money. The first way we do that is expanding your reach to a new customer base. Take control of your content and earning potential. With DIY’s advanced widget, sales tools and ability to make changes on the fly, you get your music out to the world more effectively than you ever thought possible. But, you still have to make money. With 75% of every transaction coming back to the content owner, you are already way ahead of the game. That’s more than you’ll receive from iTunes, Walmart and the other big retailers. And, with Amazon checkout, the most trusted name in ecommerce, there’s low shopping cart abandonment and already 120 million credit cards on file. We make it easy every step of the way to make a sale and for you to make money.

What Exactly is DIY Music?

DIY Music is a direct-to-consumer, digital music social commerce platform for record labels, artists and distributors. DIY Music provides customizable, easy-to-build storefronts and sales tools for you to reach your fans and sell your music anywhere on the Internet and social networks. There is no software to download - simply log in to your account and use from any computer. Start selling in minutes!

Back to top Who is DIY Music?

DIY Music is the first product platform of DIY Media. DIY Media is a cloud-based digital media technology company focused on providing professional-grade digital media management, e-commerce and marketing solutions. We enable content intensive companies with the ability to conduct business cooperatively whenever and wherever they need to, but without having to rely upon others to do so. Our vision is to empower the global entertainment industry with the ability to do it themselves to substantially reduce their operational expenses while reaching more people.

The DIY Music management team is compiled of industry veterans with extensive backgrounds in new media, technology, marketing, media law, design and, of course, music!

Back to top Who can use DIY Music?

Record labels, artists, bands, audio book authors and publishers, digital distributors and anyone else who has the rights to sell and market the musical or spoken word digital content uploaded onto the DIY Music Platform.

Back to top I want to sell my music through DIY Music what do I need to get started?
  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Upload your music in WAV format directly to your account catalog or request a distributor feed for your full catalog from your digital distributor.
  3. Manage or edit the release metadata for each release in your catalog. When requesting a distributor feed, all of your release metadata will already be filled out in advance. You will also be able to edit any release metadata received from your distributor’s feed.
  4. Price your music – we provide you with the added flexibility of variable pricing on both the full album and single song levels of your releases.
  5. Quickly build custom stores and sales tools and deploy them on social networks, blogs and more.
Back to top Does DIY Music take any ownership of my music?

No, we do not take any ownership of your music. We provide you with the infrastructure and technology to market and sell your music directly to fans and consumers

Back to top Do I need a website to start using DIY Music?

No, you do not need a website to start using DIY Music. You are able to build and deploy all of your stores and virally share them across the Web.

Helpful tip: An official website is a great way for your fans to interact with you and keep up to date as well as purchase music directly from your DIY Music store. You may have another online presence as well such as a social networking site.

Back to top My label/band already has an official website. Does DIY Music take the place of that in any way?

No, we equip you with easy-to-use, customizable storefronts and sales tools which can be placed on your website, social networks, blogs and just about anywhere you are able to place your stores on the Web. DIY Music will simply enhance or augment what you already have.

Back to top What do I get?

A lot. First, you’ll get an enormous amount of storage. DIY Music stores your content on Amazon’s global network, the world leader in cloud storage. Your music will be stored in multiple places around the world in the most secure environment there is. Your content being kept in multiple, secured, places provides a number of benefits. Can you think of a better way to protect your company’s most important asset? Think of this as an inexpensive way to enhance your current disaster recovery plan. With storage around the world, download delivery is optimized reducing latency and making for a better consumer experience. Finally, if Amazon is handling your storage, you can reduce your internal focus and save money, time and worry.

Back to top Will I make more money off each sale than I would by selling through iTunes?

Yes, you will make 5% more off each sale compared to a sale of the same release on iTunes. Because of the variable pricing being available with DIY Music, the exact amount for the sale price of a song, release or album is up to you to decide and price.

Back to top How long does it take to build a store with DIY Music?

After your music is uploaded into your account it takes most customers only a few minutes to build and deploy a store or tool.

Back to top Do you distribute my music to retail stores such as iTunes or Amazon MP3?

No, DIY Music is not a digital distributor. We do partner with digital distributors on behalf of their labels and artists to set up an account with DIY Music but we do not facilitate any type of traditional distribution for our customers. We enable YOU to quickly and easily sell and market your digital music direct to your fans and consumers.

Back to top What does it mean to “Request a Feed” from my distributor?

To make uploading releases quick and easy, DIY Music provides you with the ability to auto-request a feed from your digital distributor to automatically import your full catalog of releases into your DIY Music account.

Back to top If I’m using my digital distributor to upload my music catalog or a release, are there any additional fees or costs to do so?


Back to top Can I use the DIY Music Platform from any computer?

Yes, you can log-in to your account from any computer with an internet connection.

Back to top Do I have to download any software to use DIY Music?

No, you can log-in to your account from any computer with an internet connection.

Back to top Can I set my own prices for my music?

DIY Music offers you the added flexibility of variable pricing for all of your music. Set your own prices for both full releases/albums and individual songs.

Back to top How long does it take to upload a WAV file into my DIY Music account?

If you are on a good broadband connection, each WAV file uploaded into your account will take an average of 4-to-5 minutes to upload depending on the length of the song. DIY Music also provides you with an easy-to-use audio uploader allowing you to upload multiple songs from a release at once. Simply set up the songs from the release into your queue and we will take care of the rest.

Back to top How do I make sure I’m converting my audio into the necessary WAV format?

Master audio files are usually already in AIFF or WAV format to begin with. If you're importing audio from CD format or need to convert an AIFF into a WAV file, you can rip the songs to WAV format using iTunes. It’s pretty simple. Select “Preferences...” from the iTunes menu, click the Import Settings button in the General tab (for versions of iTunes earlier than 8.0, click the Advanced tab and select “Importing”), and next to “Import Using": choose “WAV Encoder".

Back to top What is a UPC Code?

A UPC Code is a method used by manufacturers to identify products quickly. UPC stands for "Universal Product Code". A UPC code generally has two parts - numbers, which people can read, and a series of bars which can be scanned and tracked by computers.

Back to top Do I need to have a UPC Code before I can start selling through DIY Music?

No, you do not need to have UPC codes to start selling with DIY Music. If you do not have your own, we will auto assign them to each release in your account catalog.

Back to top Can I put my full catalog of music on my website to sell?

Yes, you can build a full catalog store for your website or anywhere else on the Web!

Back to top What’s this about taxes on my account page?

Before DIY Music can pay you your available balance for money earned - you must fill out the IRS form W-9 provided when you first sign up for an account.

Back to top Do I have to do anything to my website for my stores to work on it?

No, just make sure you are placing your stores’ code on a Flash friendly (enabled) page on your website. Your deployed store should load right away.

Back to top I have sub-labels. Can I include all of my labels into my one account?

Yes, we are able to partition your account into separate label or artist sub-accounts upon request.

Back to top I want to allow my artists, employees, interns, etc. limited access to my account. Is this possible?

Yes, you can quickly invite and allow varying levels of account access to anyone you choose. You can select which section(s) of the platform you wish to allow them access into.

Back to top I have an issue, who do I tell?

If you have issues or questions about using our service, please email us at

Back to top Do you host my content?

No, your content is hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services, who powers all of DIY Music's hosting, storage and delivery of content

Back to top What type of digital audio files can I sell?
  • High-quality 320kbps MP3 files
  • CD-quality WAV Files
Back to top Where can I place my stores?

Technically, anywhere you are able to place Flash code, i.e. your website, social networks, blogs, forums, etc. You may also use pre-made Java Script and html links to distribute your stores, which are great for emails and Tweets. Make sure you comply with any third-party terms of use.

Back to top Can I allow my fans to preview full streams of music from my stores?

Yes, you're able to select and create any size preview clip you would like your fans to hear, from 30 seconds to full streams and anything in between.

Back to top Can I sell my full catalog of music in one store?

Yes, you can quickly and easily build custom full catalog stores from your account, then just copy and paste the code provided onto any Flash friendly (enabled) page on the Web!

Back to top How quickly can I get paid after I make sales?

Upon signing up with DIY Music, there is a one-time initial 60 day holding period for requesting your available balance. After which, DIY Music will hold your pending balance for 30 days from the date of the sale. This 30 day holding period is to process any refunds and transaction or download errors that might occur, and to make sure we have the necessary tax information.

Back to top Do you provide me with transaction reports?

Yes, within the “Account” page, press the “Transactions” tab to view a complete log of your transaction sales history.

Back to top How often can I withdraw money from my account?

You may request a payment for your available balance at anytime. DIY Music provides you with three types of payment options:

  1. Amazon Payments
  2. PayPal
  3. Electronic Funds Transfer
  4. Check by mail ($50 minimum with a $15 processing fee)
Back to top What payment options do my customers have when purchasing music from my DIY Music stores?

Your customers can quickly and easily purchase music through your DIY Music stores' using their Amazon account, the most trusted and secure checkout on the Internet. More than100 Million credit cards are already on file with Amazon! If your customer does not already have an Amazon account with an updated credit card on file, they will be able to quickly sign up for one and proceed to the checkout and download their purchase from your store.

Back to top How are my customers' transactions processed?

Transactions are processed by Amazon Payments. DIY Music never sees customers’ credit card information. Customers simply enter in their Amazon account email and password to checkout.

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